Working Towards a Better Tomorrow

General Development Initiative, Inc. (GenDev, Inc.) functions in two capacities: local and international development. Our international enterprises include a microgrant program to fund international projects that support economic empowerment and loaning money through Kiva, a crowdfunding platform. In our local work, GenDev not only provides microloans, but acts as a consultant for our business owners. We want our business owners to succeed in their endeavors. Their success makes all of us stronger. We select and fund business owners who are seeking loans.

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur interested in applying for microfinancing (loan or grant), apply today!

At GenDev, we believe that some of the greatest educational moments occur outside of the classroom when passionate students are provided a platform on which to demonstrate their capabilities. GenDev, Inc. drastically reduces its operating costs by being fully operated by student-volunteers; in return, we provide them with practical, real-world international business and community development experience, and pass our savings along to clients in the form of access to below-market-rate loans and development consulting expertise.